Dot Peen Solution XF510 Electromagnetic

XF510 Electromagnetic micro-percussion marking machine
Electromagnetic micro-percussion marking machine – Integrable range

Electromagnetic marking machines are the most suitable solutions for applications requiring high precision and consistency. These solutions are particularly effective for marking Datamatrix codes.

Machine intégrable XF510Sm
Machine intégrable XF510Sm
XF510Sm intégrable
XF510Sm intégrable
XF510 Range
XF510 Range
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    Electromagnetic micro-percussion marking machine

    These marking heads have been specially designed for integration into production lines:

    Focus XF510m
    pictogramme robuste

    Robust and durable

    • Robust components
    • High-precision ball screws
    • High rigidity guide rails
    • Flaps and bellows for optimum machine protection
    • Light and solid aluminium structure.

    Our micro-percussion marking heads have proven themselves in harsh industrial environments.

    pictogramme performance

    High performance

    technologie isens
    ISENS technology: Automatic part detection and multi-level marking.
    technologie ddc
    DDC technology: Automatic adjustment of dot density to maximise marking speed and legibility.
    technologie multidot
    MULTIDOT technology: With a single stylus, it is possible to make very deep markings. Up to 10 impacts at the same point.
    pictogramme précision

    Surgical precision - DATAMATRIX precision & quality

    Because the quality of Datamatrix code marking and compliance with traceability standards and norms are our priority, electromagnetic technology makes it possible to obtain a marking as well as a perfect re-reading of the 2D code in all circumstances:

    Datamatrix 2d
    • Mark any type of 2D code: Datamatrix, QR Code, with UID or GS1 encoding.


    • Our machines are so accurate that they are capable of marking very small Datamatrix codes.
    • Datamatrix of perfect quality allows automatic reading by camera.
    • Grade A.
    • Repeatability of points.
    • Equal distance between points.
    • Can be proofread from all angles.
    • 0% error.

    Surgical precision - Stylus M1L

    Stylet M1L
    • Its metal construction makes this stylus the strongest and most durable. It does not overheat, even at full power.
    • The M1L pen is ultra-precise and marks characters from 1 mm to 99 mm high.
    • It is the fastest on the market for point-by-point marking.

    A range of dedicated accessories and options

    Based on its experience, the Technifor brand has developed various accessories and options to facilitate the integration of our marking heads on your production line.

    Accessoire XF510 bati à colonne
    Motorised Z-axis for multi-level marking.
      Workpiece rotation system makes it easy to mark your cylindrical parts, tubes, etc.
    Accessoire XF510 protection tete
    Dust, chip, water, and oil protection bellows.


    Fieldbus Safety option, PL d
    Image bus de terrain
    Sécurité PL d
  • 参数



    Marking area 50x20mm - 100x80mm - 200x80mm - Other fields possible on request
    Marking head weight 2.3 Kg - 7.8 Kg - 9.7 Kg
    Dimensions (mm) 158.4x102x166 - 231x195x192 - 331x195x192
    Carbide stylus tip 60°, 90° or 120° angle depending on the application
    Marking possibilities Fixed/variable text, Dates, Counters, 2D DataMatrix Code ECC200, Logos, etc.
    Usable fonts Point by point
    Material hardness ≤ 62 hrc

    Technical data

    Micropercussion Electromagnetic
    Power supply 110-230 V AC - 50-60 Hz
    Power 360 W
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Datamatrix slider 1
Datamatrix slider 1
Pointe XF510
Pointe XF510
Application XF510m
Application XF510m
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